Aria Landmark

Aria Landmark

Mostakbal City

1,200,000 EGP

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Buyers today aspire to advanced facilities and higher standards of living. This was why Landmark came up with the idea of ARIA. ARIA is located in Mostakbal city, Egypt’s newest city destination, with over 11,000 acres of a fully integrated mega green city. ARIA hits the bullseye when it comes to serving the market’s exact needs, with more greeneries, open spaces, modern designs and advanced facilities. ARIA was conceived with a strong belief in the benefits of open spaces and how it can affect lives positively. Public open space and parks as well as playgrounds have been associated with better perceived general health and reduced stress levels, with ARIA, home buyers can now raise their expectations bar.

The smallest of details have been tended to in this project from the apartment numbers’ signs, to the railing materials and building colors all the way to the manhole designs. Colored with a meticulous palette, the building designs sing in perfect harmony with the hardscape colors and designs giving ARIA a special tone of voice and character of its own.

The ‘An eye for detail’ ideology is the core in which ARIA was conceived. Every inch of ARIA was created so carefully. ARIA didn’t neglect the four main elements of life (Earth, Air, Fire, & Water). Earth Element: Broad green landscapes on a spacious land filled with parks and trees for those sunrise cardio exercises and romantic sunset walks. Air Element: The openness, the spaciousness, and of course, the feeling of freedom. Let the air flow around you and just let go, plenty of studies prove that there are numerous health benefits associated with access to public open space and parks. Water Element: Fountains and pools in public spaces make every step you take breezy and calming. The sound of water running gently in a fountain on a warm spring afternoon is a guaranteed moment of comfort and relaxation. Fire Element: The energy and positivity that such an environment can create is uncanny. Scenarios such as picnics and bicycle rides are a given, and in such a stress free zone, nothing can get in the way of your passions… and barbecues!

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Doplmatic zone el shakh Zayed villa 106 behind Amricana plaza

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