Who is OVG

Who is OVG ?

Every dream has a start, and every start up needs a plan to suceed, from here we started OVG group for real-estate investment and marketing.

When we first started in 2018, we had a vision that made us gain the trust of all the developers in the Egyptian

market and promoted us to a good reputation with them.
This vision which differs from that of many other companies in the field of real estate consultancy, those who reached around 300 companies in Egypt currently, resulted in a big sales volume which indicates our knowledge of the Egyptian market needs.

Our aim is customers satisfaction, which we always seek to build a long term relationship with, through providing consultancy based on up-to-date market research and studies of return of investment of the existing opportunities.

From here, an initiative has been launched, under the name of “import and export real estate”, to increase the investment in the real estate sector in Egypt, this initiative has been welcomed by the Egyptian government represented by the prime minister minister of housing and urban communities, and has been approved by the Chamber of Real Estate Development. This initiative seeks to attract foreign investment in the Egyptian real estate market.

At the end, OVG group will keep moving towards a turning point in the real estate marketing field in Egypt, and promises our customers great achievements ahead.

Our Goals

Our main goals and objectives are identified in a set of main points, as follows:

1 – Growing our business scope of investments up to the ranks of major real estate marketing companies in Egypt.

2- Working on acquiring cutting-edge strategic projects and searching for/approaching new markets.

3- Building alliances with financial entities/sectors for the purpose of contributing to the financing of the company's activity. This is achieved through the participation or the establishment and management of real estate funds, projects & company's clients financing.

4- Contributing to the advancement of the real estate and economic development in Egypt.

5- Serving customers by providing flexible and suitable real estate solutions for all social criteria.

6- Developing the company's capabilities and field of work to cover all the housing and real estate needs of our clients.

7- Introducing new ways of life-styles that preserve the basic family values ​​of the Egyptian society.

8- Creating more comfortable housing solutions, inspired from the future-needs-planning of our clients and the international experiences in this field.

9- Increasing the company’s strength and presence in the real estate market, through systematic plans that accommodate the updates and aspirations of the near and far future.

10 – Providing great investment flexibility for the company by expanding its residential activity and directing its investments according to accurate economic studies to develop capital and manage profits.

11- OVG works as a unique model company in the field of providing conceptual housing solutions as an added value that it provides for its customers. Directly heading to the goal with clarity and accuracy, what makes them feel the very core differences from all other available housing solutions. Based on this approach/principle; the company provides a distinct quality package of services to its customers that include:

Providing complete and simple housing solutions that suit all clients criteria with convenient financing options

Designing, building and buying villas

Preparing the building lands according to geological standards and measurements

Introducing new lifestyles that preserve the basic family values ​​of the Egyptian society

Carrying out interior and exterior design works for the villas

Providing top-quality real estate consultations and offering suitable housing options

Hossam el shahed


Ahmed Alattar

chief operating officer (COO)

Khaled Zaki

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Becoming one of the pioneers in the field of development, investment and real estate marketing in Egypt, and to be recognized as a distinctive provider of top-notch real estate units to our clients, that are matching their lifestyle, while helping the foundation of a well-established society.

Our Mission

We are specialized in the field of marketing, development and real estate investment. Our business approach involves selecting, developing and marketing quality projects that serve and meet the required needs through distinctive designs and implementation mechanisms. This is developed according to financing tools that help enabling target customers, while achieving rewarding profit returns for partners.

Our news

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المشروعات العقارية ودورها فى تحقيق معدلات التنمية

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اقرأ المزيد

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